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Caruthers Park BBQ

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I grew up skating at Caruthers park. I still remember the first day it opened and the nostalgia of riding around on those perfectly smooth concrete slabs. I walked the line between love and hate for that place as the years went on. Sure, there are better parks around but Caruthers always had a place in everyone’s hearts. I remember the first time I 50-50’d the bank rail. I thought I was so cool. Now coming back and seeing all these guys still shredding that place like there’s no tomorrow makes me realize how not good i was back then.

Some of the old guys who still haunt that place had a barbecue yesterday. There was food, fun, beers, girls on roller-skates and some random sketchy guy walking around with a baseball bat.

Props to Joe Rivera for putting it all together.

Lawrence miniwallrides to back 50-50.

This guy

Throwing out the banger.


Written by danielmezaphoto

August 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm