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I just learned how to make animated gifs!!!!  hooray!!!!

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September 19, 2011 at 2:18 pm

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Sally Harrington

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To put it bluntly, Sally is always a good time.  She is always laughing and having fun whenever I happen to see her.  Over the years, I never got too close with her but we are on hugging terms.  For the past few months, she’s been telling me how bad she wants to shoot something.  “Ok”, I said, “but it’s on my terms.”  Originally, I wanted to do something like good girl/bad girl with her.  For example, do a shot with her blowing a huge bubble with pigtails in front of a backdrop.  Next in the diptych would be a photograph of her with fake blood pretending to be raw meat like a zombie.

Obviously, that was a stupid idea and I’m glad that we strayed from that.  I went over to her place and the first thing she told me was that she was worried about what I would say about her on my blog.  “You always talk about how you met the person and what you think of them,” she said,  “Now I get to see what you really think of me.”

So off we went with three different outfits and no place to go.  I had tried to scout some stuff earlier but my sense of direction in accordance to the sunset was way off.  We were losing sun fast and we made do with what we had.  The first two were all natural light with a reflector and the last one was a three light setup.  I have to admit to myself that I’m getting more and more comfortable working with multiple lights.

This last one is by far my favorite of the bunch.  I’ve been studying light for a while and was really trying to give some depth to the photograph with the lighting placement.  This was actually one of the first frames of the set up when Sally wasn’t even really sure which way to look or what feelings she was trying to evoke.  It just happened this way.  I like that.

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September 13, 2011 at 10:00 am

Here’s something I gotta remember for the future…

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Just because you erase protect photos on your camera (little lock button on the left for us Nikon folk) doesn’t mean that when you format the card, they will be safe.  I learned that the hard way after shooting just under 16 gigs of sequences at the Almost best trick contest at the Brea 12 stair.  If you’ve never been there before, I recommend standing there and imagining throwing yourself down the stairs before you come to any conclusions.  It’s massive for a twelve and the guys were throwing down some bangers.  The crowd got a little hectic at times with the trash talking but everyone was a good sport and it was a good time.  Here’s a Nollie Heel sequence that I managed to salvage from my card.

and some guy that I thought was interesting.  He broke his board trying a frontside flip?  Anyways, he was just chilling in the grass switching his deck out.

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August 28, 2011 at 10:00 am

Insight x Welcome Rivers in Venice

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Last night, Angie and I went to an Insight Art Show in Venice Beach.  Some of her friends had some photos on the wall and we went in their support.  There were tons of Aussie dudes, skinny girls in tights and of course, only the most fashion-forward surf folk in the industry.  A band called TRMRS played as well as a DJ Geometric.  All in all, a fun time.  I took some video clips but I’m once I got home, I kinda just looked at it on my computer and said “now what?”,  maybe video stuff will come in the near future.

I told the event photog to take a photo of Billy Bob with his photograph so I could photograph them.  Be smart and click on the photo below.

The back of Warren’s body made the cover of Surfer magazine this month. Sick.

The drummer for TRMRS totally reminded me of my friend Kelsey who is also a musician.  This guy looks like how I remember Kelsey in 6th grade only now with facial hair.

Leo Romero was their guitarist.  Ok probably not.

And they had Iggy Pop’s nephew singing on a few tracks.  ok probably not again.

See you next time.

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August 27, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Brian’s Birthday

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I’m going to say this upfront, this blog post is supposed to be about Brian but it will mostly revolve around Tony.

Tony is one of my favorite people to photograph ever.  I don’t know what it is, but he loves the camera when it’s in my hands.  And I’ll never say no to someone who wants to be photographed.

Ang and I headed out to Ian’s place pretty early before everyone else got there.  It was a bunch of sitting around on the couch and everyone trading stories about how early they had to get up the next morning.

Ian’s been involved in the smirnoff ice craze known as “icing”.  It involves cleverly placing smirnoff ices around the house or somewhere good where the victim inadvertently finds themselves face to face with the bottle.  They must drink the entire thing on the spot and the only way to get out of it is to carry around a smirnoff ice on your person at all times.

“Hey Brian, can you turn off the lights?”

Tony comes crashing into the room and says,”I never understood why people wore union t-shirts around and were so proud to wear them. But here I am repping my shit.”

A few hours later we’re all talking about $13 tattoos and smoking cigarettes outside while the “men” shotgun beers.

We ran into Ismael on our way out.

This was actually two photographs that happened to fit together like this.  I didn’t plan this, honest!

It wasn’t hard to figure out who’s car this was in the parking lot.

Tony had told Angie that he drank at least two 5 hour energies prior to work each morning.  He gets up at 3:30Am, I guess I can’t blame im.

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August 23, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Caruthers Park BBQ

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I grew up skating at Caruthers park. I still remember the first day it opened and the nostalgia of riding around on those perfectly smooth concrete slabs. I walked the line between love and hate for that place as the years went on. Sure, there are better parks around but Caruthers always had a place in everyone’s hearts. I remember the first time I 50-50’d the bank rail. I thought I was so cool. Now coming back and seeing all these guys still shredding that place like there’s no tomorrow makes me realize how not good i was back then.

Some of the old guys who still haunt that place had a barbecue yesterday. There was food, fun, beers, girls on roller-skates and some random sketchy guy walking around with a baseball bat.

Props to Joe Rivera for putting it all together.

Lawrence miniwallrides to back 50-50.

This guy

Throwing out the banger.

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August 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Show me your tattoos

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I found out that an old friend lives by Ian.  Frank gave me his number and I gave him a ring.  He was taking a bath and told me he’d call later. Later came and he called.

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August 21, 2011 at 3:40 pm

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